The Practitioner's Guide  books are a collection of fictional Guide Books to the Occult Sides of cities all around the world. 
The series was started by Stephen Jack Cullen with The Practitioner's Guide to Dublin but any writer, anywhere in the world, writing in any language is free to write their own.
The idea is to create a -completely Open Source- guide to the entire Earth that any writer, artist, games-developer or creative of any kind is free to work in and use as they see fit.

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The Practitioner's Guide to Dublin

The Original Book in the series written by Stephen Jack Cullen.
"If you already live in Dublin and are looking to get into the Occult community, or if you're already an Occult practitioner wanting to visit Dublin then you should probably read this book. If you're neither of those things, kindly get lost."
A fictional guide to the streets of Dublin, their promise and their pitfalls in the Urban Fantasy genre.

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The Practitioner's Guide to Nagoya

Written by Samuel Poots.
This is a guide to the darker corners of Nagoya for those magi who find themselves in Japan's third largest city. Need to know the best way to escape a ghostly woman wearing a surgical mask? How does one spot a crowd of drunken tanuki? And what is it with the Doll at Fushimi station? Read on. Want to find out how to achieve a magical school girl transformation? Best look elsewhere. A fictional travel guide to the city of Nagoya, Japan, exploring Japanese folklore in the Urban Fantasy genre.