Obviously The Practitioner's Guide to [BLANK] 
is too vague a title format for us to have a copyright on.
So if you want to write your own Practitioner's Guide
then you don't need to ask us.

But if you want your publication to be an official
part of the series, to reference other books in the series
and to be featured on this website you'll need to stick to
these guidelines.

The point of this series is for other writers
to be able to use these ideas in their own work
for free and without legal worries.
As such we publish with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence

-Don't be a prick
Sexist/racist/ableist/transphobic/homophobic content
will not be featured on this website. 
Under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence I can't stop you using my work for such content. But I am under no obligation to promote it.