Thanks for your interest in submitting reports to The Switchboard.
We’re really happy that you want to be a part of the podcast.

Here’s a few guidelines to help out:


-All submissions must be in character.

Simple enough. Write from the perspective of somebody who really is involved in the supernatural.
You don’t need to go into detail on backstory or anything. Just talk or write like someone who really is experiencing weird stuff.
We’re cool with you advertising your Horror Podcast/Web series/ARG/Comic/Whatever on our podcast for free, just make sure it doesn’t feel like an ad. Links to web pages and the like are totally fine, but be clever about it, make it happen in character.


There’s no limit on how short a report can be. You could literally send a one word written report or five seconds of audio. We're fine with both Flash Fiction and Short Stories. Our upper limit is about six thousand words.

-Be creative.
Make up your own supernatural phenomena. Your own ghosts and monsters. It doesn’t even need to be a living thing. It could be a location, or an object. It can even be a haunted spork.
Or use folklore we don’t commonly hear about.

-Using Your Vernacular.
These are supposed to be reports from all over the world. If English is your second or third language feel free to send a report that’s not in English (though we’d prefer this was kept to voice-mails).

-Don’t insert yourself into the story.

While it’s fine to say you caught a glimpse of The Black Freighter or something similar, and it’s definitely ok to ask the Host how he’s doing and share thoughts and sympathies any messages along the lines of “I found your lighthouse and I’m coming to visit” or “I know where Samantha Ko lives” will be ignored.

-Feel free to tell your own story.

If you want to tell a story across multiple submissions in multiple episodes then we think that’s awesome. Just let us know that’s what you’re doing and clearly label what part of the story each submission is. Also priority will be given to submissions that can function as Stand Alone stories.

-Don’t be a prick.
I don’t think it’s at all likely, but it’s still worth saying, misogynist/transphobic/racist/ableist submissions will go straight in the trash. Be sensible about anything sexual, graphic descriptions are not necessary, alluding is often more powerful than showing.

-As complex or simple as you want
Record it on your phone with just your voice and you smacking a table for sound effects. Record it in a professional studio using intricately crafted effects and sound design. Do whatever.