About The Show

Global news on supernatural events is broadcast on a pirate radio station operating out of a remote Lighthouse in an unknown location.
This news is delivered by an enigmatic figure known only as The Host who appears to be dealing with troubles of his own.

What is The Switchboard?

The Switchboard is a horror mystery audio-drama  and a showcase for Independent musicians and writers of Specualtive Fiction. 

Season One focuses on The Host's investigation into the Mysterious Black Freighter while Season Two is set to feature The Host's quest to find information on his own deadly infliction.

Season One consists of ten complete episodes all of which can be listened to for free. The Podcast is currently funded by the kind contributors of the Hog and Dice Patreon as well as whatever cash Stephen can spare. 

Who is the switchboard for?

The Switchboard is for lovers of slow burn, psychological horror and mystery. 
It's for people who want to become emotionally invested in a character before something awful happens to them.
The tone is introspective and melancholic with occasional bouts of humour and hopeful wistfulness.

You may enjoy The Switchboard if you like:
Mama, The Babadook, The Black Tapes Podcast, Black Mirror, The Gospel According to Blindboy or The World of Darkness tabletop games by White Wolf Studios.

Is the Switchboard suitable for children?

That's up to the parents.
While there is no swearing or sexual content and very little violence this is still a horror podcast. Some children might be fine, others may have nightmares. If you are unsure we would say to err on the side of caution and not allow children to listen.

Trigger Warnings

The Switchboard contains disturbing imagery, body horror, extreme depression and contemplation of suicide. Some episodes end on a cliffhanger.

Release schedule

Each season updates every two weeks until completion.
As Season Two is currently being written we can't yet suggest a date for the first episode.

launch and upcoming seasons

Season One of The Switchboard launched in February of 2017. It consisted of ten episodes that finished uploading in July of 2017.
Season Two began pre-production in March 2018.

What people are saying about Season one

Cast and Crew


Stephen Jack Cullen writes, directs and produces The Switchboard and worries that listing those three things makes them sound a little full of themselves. Stephen studied Irish Folklore at UCD, has acted with and written for Legion Creative Studios and Tantalus Ireland, writes weird little books and goes on long rants about Irish Folklore on YouTube.
Stephen is also dyxpraxic and as a result has handwriting nobody can make head nor tail of and is an advocate for Neurodivegence and Neurological Disabilities.
They live with their wife Kathrine, a small dog, a flightless rook, two rats and a travelling folk rock band in Co. Kildare. 


Keith Byrne voices The Host and is a character designer (credits include the Danger Mouse reboot) and when the drink has taken him hes an actor/ voice actor.
Little is known about him not because he's mysterious but because no one really cares enough to ask


Allison Marcellus voices Samantha Ko, is getting to be Quite Old™ and has a disparate educational background ranging from illustration (Bachelor’s of Fine Arts) to legal studies (Certification). She’s trilingual, part of an anonymous art/performance collective and does her best to stay healthy by regularly training in martial arts and combat sports. Safely tucked away in the mountains of Colorado, she enjoys her life as a basement-dweller - visiting with the Thing that Lives Upstairs, working at a local prison, and supporting her friends in all creative endeavors


Samuel Poots was brought on board to co-write season two of The Switchboard. He has since doubled Stephen’s workload as they now have to remove all the Discworld references that keep cropping up. Sam works as the Content Manager for the tabletop gaming website Beasts of War, where he occasionally gets put away with the other miniatures by accident. He spends his time writing whatever stories pop into his mind and wandering around the north coast of County Antrim. If found, please give him a cup of tea and send him home via the nearest post-office.


Tantalus Ireland supply the voices of most of our extras.

The Tantalus Crew come to life in the form of an Irish Aacting Troupe. Specialising in amazingly nerdy tales to perform at conventions up and down the country and far beyond. From actors to musicians, make-up artists to prop makers we're all professionals in our fields with one passion that joins us all; the stage.

Our Podcast art was created by my talented wife, Kathrine Lockett. You can find her work here.

Contact us

Do you have questions? Do you need clarification on our submissions process? Do you have comments to make? Would you like to Feature The Switchboard in an upcoming publication? Then feel free to e-mail us at hoganddiceproductions@gmail.com